Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Celtics are 10 and 0... home; my home record will be 8 and 0 by weekend's end. Let's run them down: Glenn's invite to PEN conference today, Glenn's gala night of The Death of Memory,* Sir Vim's invite to Writers' Night, Sir Vim's invite to Conspiracy, Mia's invite to PSFIII** launch, Ian's talk at PEN tomorrow, Ma'am Marj's invite to PEN as well, and parents' invite to mass--Holiday of Obligation, says Mom. That's 8 going down to Home and a date with a whore named Revisions, introduced by Larry*** on a Starbucks thesis consultation earlier this week. Kaya by Monday? he asked. Sure, I said. And that's that. There'll be times I'll be stepping away from Revisions, to mingle with Sulking, another I met this week when Boss left Reason and Trust.**** I saw her with Pride, says Dad as I consulted the whole matter with him. I said I wasn't surprised. Redemption is tempting me still, but a prude I insist on being on this matter. I've suffered some loses recently, but, like the Celtics, my winning record's in tact. No use risking another play; I'll just run down the clock. Four more days to go till the end. Then I can rest, my mind free from things that should've been thrown at the frowning waste bin days ago.
*Tanghalang Ateneo stages Glenn Sevilla Mas' award-winning The Death of Memory
**Launch of Philippine Speculative Fiction III at Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street, December 8
***Palanca Award-winning poet sets time away from sacred post-graduate thesis for arrogant nonfictionist and his undergraduate thesis on lies and creativity.
****My horoscope today (no coincidence): "Just because someone is higher than you in rank doesn't mean they're smarter. If you think your superior is wrong, say something."


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