Sunday, January 06, 2008

Cause, effect

When something itches, you scratch it. When you scratch too hard, you get a scab. When you scratch a scab, you bleed. When you bleed while you're walking on the street, still in last night's clothes, bed-head look, oily face, people stare & wonder: What happened to Mrs. Villanueva's son?

When you're own brother's dying, you talk to him while he's lying on his death bed.

When you've been betrayed by your dying brother numerous times before, have refused to talk to him for months, your conversation--possibly the last--is brief & forced.

Blood is thicker than water, they say--a statement not always true.

Flashback (riding the theme of blood): When you have major surgery, you lose a lot of blood. When you lose a lot of blood, you need to replace it. When you're in the Philippines, this can be tricky. The hospital's stock was running low on O-positive; parents start calling friends & relatives; relying on the local Red Cross simply wouldn't do.

When you have a nosebleed, you pinch your nose at the bridge.

Then you lean your head back; blood can't defy gravity.

When you've donated recently, you can't donate again. When you have a tattoo, you can't donate at all. When you haven't seen a close family friend in a long time, you don't beg for their blood. When a family friend sees you desperate, he donates nevertheless.

When you kill a pig in your back yard, you save all the blood.

When you're feeling festive, you serve dinuguan on January 1.

If you belief in prophetic meals, it's going to be a bloody year.

When you have blood to replace all that you've lost, you have a better chance of making it in the end. When you're walking again, you thank those who have helped. When someone gives you their blood, you thank them the most. When you have a little humor, you repay him w/ a bottle of red wine, say it looks like what he gave you, w/c helped save your life.

When you're bored, you watch a pro wrestler's life on TV.

When you're a pro wrestler, you play-wrestle w/ your kids.

When you're 300 pounds, an elbow can make your kid bleed.

When you're a pro wrestler, you tell your bleeding kid to mix saliva w/ the blood: looks cooler that way.

When you haven't changed since last night, you take a shower & finally do so. When the wound from the scab excretes something, you wipe it off, clean it w/ alcohol. When you have a small wound on your face, you don't look all that attractive. When you're a guy like me, you don't really care.

You bled. You're alive.

* * *

When you're a noted poet (like Toledo), you release 2 books in a year.

When a proud ate boasts of her little brother getting into Ateneo, you congratulate her. (Congrats, Zoe!)

When a friend from Dumaguete is in town, you go out of your way to meet him. (Kita-kits this week, Twigs.)

When people you're forced to work w/ piss you off, you use venues like this to say Fuck you!

When a loyal friend puts up w/ you on 1 of those nights you were the self you hate being, you say Thank you.


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