Tuesday, August 05, 2008


His leg was caught in between the legs of the woman standing in front of him. I had backed up a few mini-steps -- all I could afford w/out burying my book-filled backpack into the groin of the old man behind me. This paved a good 1.5-foot opening for the man w/ the cap to pass thru. Still, his leg got caught in between a woman who might've been standing a little too defiantly in the 1st place. The man w/ the cap tripped out of the train onto the platform & immediately glared back, catching my eyes in a stare down. The old man behind me nudged me forward to the wide-stanced woman. She pushed me off to the side where my head met the elbow of a woman holding the railing above. The old man & the 2 younger women gave me similar looks of disgust. I addressed each of them w/ a tilt of the head. You gotta be kidding me, my furrowing brows retorted at the unspoken accusations made by disgusted faces. At the next station, I resign to an Excuse me & the silly pleasantries of bowing my head, hands clasped -- Paalam po . Cuz it's always my fault in the end. Always.


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