Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ey you & other greetings

For Sasha on her birthday, I post the part of her yearbook write-up that made her cry:

"... like the way she cocoons herself to 1 corner when in deep thought, the way she giggles over a good grade or just a funny word, the way she is praised & asks in disbelief, Why?, the way she singles you out in a crowd & offers a hand, making you believe in Why not?"

Ey you. Happy birthday.

* * *

A year ago, when I told Larry what I had been reading, he said I was "such a guy."

Then he became my thesis mentor.

The following exchange between Larry (2nd place for essay, 2008 Philippines Free Press Literary Awards) & I came recently, after I asked him to comment on my latest essay, months after I put my thesis to bed & months after he had read anything serious by me

"So how'd you find my new piece?"

"Bumabading na ang aesthetics mo. Palakpakan."


"You are talking to a gay writer so that could be a compliment you know."


Palakpakan. Bow.

Congrats, Larry! 

(And thank you?)


Anonymous xoxo, Japs said...

Stumbled upon a blog entry of mine dated July 13, 2005:

Martin and I waiting for the talk by Mr. David Kim yesterday:

Martin: "Do you notice how single old women tend to be really flirtatious with priests?"

Me: "Oh my gosh! OO NGA! Dati nung pumunta kami sa Saisaki..."

Martin: "Ano?"

Me: "Wala lang. Masarap food dun."


MISS NA KITA PARDS! Sorry di ako makareply. No load. No money. You know how it is. Artists starve. Haha. I'll be busy this week because of a final project but I'll text you next week! Magbebenta muna ako ng laman para makapag-reload.

8:16 PM  
Blogger Sasha Martinez said...


12:43 AM  
Blogger M.V. said...

japs: fuckin struggling artist vibe...call center na 'to. o q. ave. kung trip mo. how much is your rate now? :p

i recall the conversation; dont recall who david kim is & why we had to see him. could this be what they call 'age'?

next week.

sha: wapak! (as in tunog ng apir. ata.)

10:45 AM  

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