Friday, August 22, 2008

Upon seeing a man at a mall

I'm guessing the world doesn't need this sick strew of synthetic pastels, cotton paper left to dry, as brittle as lips having long lost the moistness from a kiss. I'm guessing the world needs no more twigs crafted as if fallen from true trees, w/ perforations left from where 2 parted, thorns that fingernails will scratch in fear of inflicting more pain. I'm guessing God didn't mean for this that 3rd day, didn't mean for such tacky quasi-perfection, glaring in washed hues not quite from nature's color wheel. I'm guessing God meant more when He ordered dominion, when an apple & a snake gave birth to the need for blooms as they were intended, to symbolize the purest of intents -- like confessions, & a man's apology.


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